About Us

The Shaft.Com Mission
To Make Life Easier!

We started Shaft.com because we realized that life is hard! Like a lot of people looking for answers, we were suffering from a severe case of information overload. There was people passing advice everywhere on every subject. However, how much of it was good advice? How much of it is really useful? Did we need to know the “Correct Way to Eat Spaghetti on a Thursday?” We wanted things to be better!

Our mission became simple. We wanted to take the most useful information for our day to day lives. We wanted to allow people to understand and put into use these concepts. Our team works day in and day out to make sure that we have the best life tips and tricks for making everything in our lives easier. We focus everything around what we consider to be the three most important aspects of our lives:

Our Health - Without health, we have nothing. We want everyone to live long, healthy and happy lives. This means maintaining and improving a person’s health by increasing their level of knowledge and allowing everyone to apply that knowledge to their lives!

Our Money - Too many people let their money control their lives instead of controlling their money. Our finance news let’s people keep their money in their pockets and make more! There will be tips for all facets of using your money so you never make a foolish mistake with it again!

Our Lifestyle - Everyone has their own lifestyle and values they want to enjoy. Whether it’s beauty, shopping, automotive or something else, you can find information to make life more enjoyable. There are tips for your appearance and ways to make your hobbies that much more important. Live the way you want to live without all of the excess hassle!

We believe that by improving your knowledge of these three basic things, that you are going to live a happier more enjoyable life. Isn’t that really what any of us really want after all? Our staff works tirelessly to pare down all that excess information into something that is useful, knowledgeable and we hope enjoyable for you to read as well! Hopefully we can make Shaft.com a part of your daily routine!

We want you to feel that a visit to Shaft.com is like a good conversation with a knowledgeable friend. You can bounce your ideas off of it and get some great advice and some new ideas! We are 100% positive that your experience with all of us from Shaft.com is going to make you smile.

To everyone who has chosen to visit, we hope you enjoy your stay!

Thank You
- Shaft.com Staff